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Fibroid Tea

INTRODUCING: The All-In-One Womb Fertility Tea (Fibroid Tea)
This Herbal Solution Is Perfect For:
  1. Heavy Menstrual Flow That Includes Blood Clots
  2.  Pain In The Pelvis Or Lower Back
  3. Increased Menstrual Cramping
  4. Increased Urination
  5. Pain During Sex
  6. Menstruation That Lasts Longer Than Usual
  7. Pressure Or Fullness In The Lower Abdomen
  8. Pain That Makes it Difficult To Move

HEALTH TEA FOR WOMEN: Winstown’s Uterus Tea is made with pure herbs from nature. This unique tea formula works to naturally prime women’s bodies to maintain a healthy reproductive system in order to help improve the overall wellness of the uterine lining and muscles. It help to relieve menstrual cramps, reduce bloating, and promote hormone balance.
Fibroid tea is formulated with natural herbs to help cleanse the female body, Clear womb’s toxin and waste, diminish inflammation womb and help warm it, also naturally shrink and dissolve uterine and ovarian cysts and fibroids .
FOR OPTIMAL UTERINE HEALTH: The all-natural herb promote reproductive health. They have been known to help maintain a more normal and regulated menstrual cycle and help your body to expel waste. Drink hot or cold.


ATTENTION: This Product Has Saved Thousands Of Homes And Marriages  From Breaking… Lots of Couples Who Have Been Trying To Get Pregnant with NO RESULT Have Been Saved from The Embarassment By This Wonderful Herbal Fibroid And Fertility Tea. 
Fibroid Is One Of The Things That Prevents A Woman From Getting Pregnant, That Is Why This Product Was Made, And It Has Saved Thousands Of Homes Worldwide…
Now find a quiet place, and carefully read everything here from top to bottom, you will see the information that has helped countless number of people to stop fibroid and infertility without surgery.


Why You Should Buy This Product
Fibroid Tea is recorded to have been used by over 465 thousand women all over the world over the last 2 years. Fibroid tea helps to:

❄️ Reduce heavy and painful menstruation flow
❄️ Disolves and Prevent Uterine Fibroid
❄️ Anti Aging, Prevent Gynecological Disease
❄️ Regulating Menstruation
❄️ Cleanse the Womb of Toxins
❄️ Increase Fertility
❄️ Keep the Womb Warm
❄️ Diminish Inflammation of the womb
❄️ Delay Menopause
❄️ Balance Hormone
❄️ Reducing big tummy

“This product is NOT just KNOWN to NAFDAC, it also has International APPROVAL by FDA, CMP, and HALAL”

For effective results 3 to 9 packs is recommended.

3 packs=N15,000( 1 month plan)

6 PACKs=N29,000(2 months plan)

9 PACKS=  N42,000(3 months plan)

We will also send you the list of foods you should stop and the ones you should start eating.
We will also send you the list of
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